Dog safari?


If you’re like me and ever wondered what on earth your dogs would make of an elephant or how would they react if they could a smell lion, then wonder no more.

There is a great walk along Hythe Military Canal which runs along the bottom of Port Lympne Zoo and on a good day you’ll encounter a whole host of wildlife from wildebeest to zebra and even spy some of the big cats. Click on this link and you can do the A to B and C walk or park at West Hythe.

I haven’t lost my mind – it’s a proper pathway and you’re very safe. However, if you are admiring the amazing lions at a distance, if one of them moves you can get a bit of a shiver down the spine!

You can park at either end of the walk or, if you’re feeling very active, get the train down and make a day of it. As you’re technically going on safari, the animals you’re looking for prefer the warmer weather, but that’s ok for this walk as the footpath is mostly in the shade and the canal runs parallel if your dogs get too warm.

There are no facilities but there are pubs and shops within driving distance.


This can be a magical walk and if you’re lucky will even see giraffes – I’m not sure what the dogs made of them but there was no barking!

To see the elephants you have to walk up the footpath that cuts through the zoo and it is signposted (it’s the turning with a bin). Head to the top of hill, being careful of the gates, then turn left and there you may see one of the most wonderful creatures on earth.

I cannot recommend this mini dog safari highly enough and to make it even more rewarding, you can make a donation to the Aspinall Foundation. The walk and parking are free but it is a great way to say thank you.

Enjoy x


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