Capstone Farm Country Park


Only six miles over the hill from Maidstone is this huge park that has woodland, ruins, lakes and hills…lots of hills!

If you’re coming to Capstone Farm Country Park from Maidstone and you have little ones (not the canine kind, the other type) then take the second car park as there is a big playground for them to enjoy and it’s next to all the facilities including cafe and toilets. The lake is also at this car park (which is right opposite the YHA) and dogs aren’t allowed to swim so I’d recommend the first car park for dog walkers.

This takes you to the top of park (it’s right next to the ski centre) and what’s fabulous is that parking is free!

The park is relatively new to us but we’ve been a couple of times and love it – ┬áhaven’t yet done the same walk twice which is great for Byron who never takes the route most travelled by.





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