Cobtree Manor Park, it’s even got an elephant house!


Cobtree Manor Park is on the outskirts of Maidstone and has recently been treated to some huge investment.

This massive oasis of historic trees and woodland once only boasted a pot-holed car park and café but now it has an adventure playground/castle complete with nicely finished pathways (the lovely café and loos remain)

The redevelopment is marvellous for families but for walking it’s a great place to get lost and discover things. The woods are just about to erupt in a mass of bluebells and as soon as it warms up again we’ll be packing a picnic and trying to find the enclosed picnic garden!

It was once the site of a zoo and a pond, dipping well and elephant house still remain and there is lots more to see. The trees boast all kinds of Kentish fruit and when the blossom is out, it is simply heavenly.

Parking is free and you can while away many a happy hour here – well worth a look if you haven’t discovered it yet, click here to find out more.





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