Curious Kearsney!

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Since I was a toddler and since my boys were puppies we’ve been coming to Kearsney Abbey and it is a very special place to visit.

Parking if free and there are two car parks to choose from but it can get a bit busy on a warm day! Here is the link for the information and a map too:

You can amble around the lake in front of the tearooms and feel all Victorian (you have to keep your dog on a lead here) or head over the bridge and have a great big hoof up in to the hills beyond. There is a smaller river walk if you head off to the left of the tearooms, which is nice on a warm day.

Over the road is Russell Gardens which is equally as good to explore – there is a big patch of bamboo growing there so don’t be surprised to see pandas roaming about.

It gets five paws a piece from Byron and Oscar…you can tell by Oscar’s smile!

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