Highland & Rare Breeds Park, Fort Augustus


In keeping with a vast amount of attractions in Scotland, the Highland & Rare Breeds Park in Fort Augustus is a brilliant surprise and very dog friendly.

Tucked down along a tow path, before the bridge and just after the petrol station, you follow the trail until you come to some very picturesque ruins.

For the bargain price of just £2 per adult, you and the dogs will get to up close and personal with a whole host of beasts, bunnies and all things that go baa!

It’s clearly run for the love of the animals and is a bit low-key but well worth a visit if you’re hunting Nessie.

Fort Augustus is very dog friendly and you can even take a cruise with the dogs around Loch Ness. Or, take advantage of one of the many little walks or chill out and watch the boats go up and down the locks of the Caledonian Canal.

Such a brilliant adventure for the dogs who are currently snoring and, I imagine, dreaming of living on a farm.


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