Hucking, love it!

Hucking Woodland Trust

We found Hucking Woods quite by accident and once you find it you’ll have to keep going back.

It’s one of those perfect “pop the roast in the oven and go out for a good ol’ hoof” kind of woodland walks.

What’s more there’s free parking and a pub.

Not far from Maidstone you can make this as big or small as your time allows but it is a great stretch for the dogs and there is plenty to sniff and acres of room to explore.

Byron rating: four paws out of five. We can start from different points and there are always plenty of dogs to sniff with

Hucking Woods

Oscar rating: four paws out of five. I don’t like too many hills so we can have a gentle walk about and I love the woods

Hucking about

8/10 paws, excellent walk and perfect autumnal hoofing. Good for short walks, great for making a day of it.


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