Marvellous River Medway!


This walk is as big or as casual as you make it but be warned if your dog is part fish like my Springer, there are locks along the way!

We often take a train from Maidstone Barracks to Wateringbury and if you turn left out of the station and go through the boat yard you’ll be heading slowly back to the county town. You’ll pass through Teston (which has a lock) and then reach East Farleigh (another lock).

Today we chose to get the train to East Farliegh and made a slow four hour walk back into town – complete with picnic!
Again, when you leave the station you head towards the bridge but don’t cross, go between the houses, through the courtyard and follow the footpath sign, turn left at the river and you’re now heading back to Maidstone.

It is a beautiful walk but best avoided at the height of summer as some parts offer no shade at all and if you have slightly fussy Tibetan Spaniels, they won’t thank you if you’re forced to give them a quick dunk in the Medway to cool them off.

One other word of caution is that the railway runs along side the river path for a good deal of the journey so the recall needs to be up to scratch.

After several miles you make it in to Maidstone where there are a whole host of facilities and wonderful dog friendly places to eat and drink.


We took the walk to our usual conclusion. We cross the river and walk along the Medway until we get to a small flyover. Go up the slope onto the main road for a few metres then you go back to the path. You’ll pass the home of The Mighty Stones – The Gallagher Stadium, on your way and after another 40 minutes or so you’ll be at Allington Lock where it is tradition to enjoy a quick pint in the Malta.

A very enjoyable walk on a spring day and I’ve tried many sites but this one seems to be the best for maps and tips. Enjoy x


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