To the Lakes!

leyb3Leybourne Lakes are a definite family favourite and we go at least once a week.

For a football loving part-fish English Springer this will take about half an hour but if you’re a refined Tibetan Spaniel whose age is in double digits then you can bimble round for more than an hour and enjoy a beautiful walk.

You can opt for the traditional lap around the lake but there are also lots of other routes you can take to make it as long or short as you want. Here are the directions but if you fancied making a morning or afternoon of it you can get the train to New Hythe station and make it a mammoth hoof!

You have to keep the dogs on lead until you’re well clear of the car park and there are signs to let you know when you can let them off. There are also toilets and more often than not a catering van on the edge of the lake for a very welcome hot chocolate.

They’re always up to something at the park and here is the site for all the details you’ll need.

Bryon rating: four paws out of five, I know this one off by heart but I do get the occasional snaggle seed in my fur, and I don’t like that
Harvey rating: five paws out of five! Water, ball-ball, love it!!!!



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